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Spa Services

Spa Service

We as pioneers in the Tortuguero area provide innovative and relaxing techniques for your body, spirit and soul. We offer spa packages for different types of needs not only individually, but also as couples in / outdoor so that you may benefit from this paradise while you are enjoying our service.

Some of our services are:

  • Body Treatment-Chocolate Deluxe

It includes exfoliation a wrap with the product appropriate given your skin s need ( chocolate, coffee, grape, mud, algae ) followed by a warm shower to remove the product then the procedure will be finished with a relaxing 40 minute massage.

Every massage includes: aromatherapy, music, therapy, and oil essence produced from plants grown organically.

  • SWEDISH MASSAGE that relaxes the mind
  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE ( for those who prefer a more profound massage )
  • AQUA-DYNAMIC MASSAGE (which takes you to unthinkable places)
  • SHIATSU MASSAGE (which liberates energy by exerting pressure on the meridians)
  • TEIKI MASSAGE ( a Japanese technique which awakens the inner healer)

We also offer Manicures, facials treatments and waxing.

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