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The Hotel

The lodge is strategically located only 5 minutes away from the extraordinary Tortuguero National Park, and right across the main "canal" facing the town of Tortuguero. Surrounded by a network of very scenic canals, this is considered one of the most exotic regions of the world, characterized by its rich in flora and fauna.

Why Pachira Lodge?

  • Strategically located.
  • 94 comfortable guest rooms.
  • 14 hectares (34 acres).
  • 5 minutes from Tortuguero National Park main entrance.
  • Stay at one of our comfortable rooms with private bathroom, hot water and ceiling fans.
  • Enjoy all our buffet-style meals that are included. Let's cheers with our wine when for dinner.
  • Be our guest at our bar and enjoy our excelent service.
  • Let us show you this paradise with our bilingual tour guides, during the entire trip.
  • Take advantage of our daily departures from San José, with no minimum of passengers required.
  • Travel safety as we get you around comfortably.
  • Take one of our optional tours available: Fishing, turtle nestling and morning tour, Canopy, Spa.
  • Live this heavenly oasis nestled amidst the wilderness of Costa Rica's jungle.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to experience Pachira Lodge, while you are in Costa -Rica.

Important: from July to September, only a few minutes from the hotel, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience: the arrivals of the green sea turtle.


We are a company that generates authentic experiences and unforgettable in our customers, which is committed to sustainable development, allows the enjoyment of the natural and cultural richness of Tortuguero through a quality service and fair price.


Being models of quality and leadership we will be the preferred option in the region of Tortuguero; committed to sustainable development and environmental awareness that will generate a positive impact on the community, the environment and our customers.

Business values

1 - Integrity

Work for the legality in search of the strength and coherence with our values and principles. "Do the right thing all the time and encourage others to do the same.

2 - Excellence

It is essential for our progress to provide added value, a quality service always oriented to the client, making the effort to know and understand their needs, offering a personalized service. "The best advertising is what satisfied customers do".

3 - Leadership

The key is a proactive attitude with the ability to push, in the ability to "think in the future".

4 - Team work

All thought, planning, decision and action are best when done cooperatively. In this way, "none of us is as good as all of us".

5 - Authenticity

It is crucial to make a difference with respect to our competitors, driven by passion, discipline, quality and flawless execution in what we do.

6 - Communication

It is the basis on which trust is built and this is fundamental to establish and maintain good relationships based on mutual respect, which involves the commitment of aligning facts with words, listening to different opinions and communicating in an open manner and sincere

7 - Harmony

We are guided by the principle of giving more than what we receive, seeking a balance between economic development, social responsibility and the commitment to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

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Admire the biodiversity of an astonishing protected area in Costa Rica as we drive by Braulio Carrillo National Park...

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"Absolutely Astounding-watching, all of those animal shows an discover animal planet has finally paid off naving a wonderful time will tell many people to go on caraban tour".

—Dana Stewen.